USA Shipping Rates



Ground shipping rates in the Continental U.S. are based on the value of the merchandise and most ship via UPS (we do not offer FedEx Ground service).

Domestic air shipping rates and international shipments are based on the actual cost of shipping. Domestic air shipments ship via either UPS or FedEx and have guaranteed delivery times. We can also ship via USPS Priority Mail, but the service time is not guaranteed like UPS or FedEx.

Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii usually go via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as FedEx or UPS cost significantly more.

Collect Billing. We can bill shipping charges to your UPS (ground or air) or FedEx (air only) account number. Please supply us with the zip code of the billing address for your UPS or FedEx account.

Information on tracking orders is found on this page.

Some packages require a signature upon delivery.

Standard or Default Shipping & Handling Fees for Continental USA

See UPS map below for UPS delivery schedule. Click here to learn why we use UPS for some ground shipments. We used to use UPS Ground for nearly all “standard” shipments, but lately, UPS has added extra fees for deliveries to residenices, especially those in rural areas and so we have migrated over to using USPS more, especially since USPS now has more tracking options and with their Flat Rate box service is especially attractive for filled bean bags. Deliveries to addresses to the Midwest and east coast can be quicker with Priority Mail than UPS Ground, averaging 2-4 days without the expense of FedEx or UPS Air, but there is no time-definite guarantee like with UPS Ground.

Product to be Shipped
(weights include packaging)


Bold Pricing = default shipping pricing (we pick the method)

1st Class Mail*
2-8 days
(United States Postal Service)
USPS Priority Mail
2-4 days**
(United States Postal Service)
UPS Ground++
1-7 days
(United Parcel Service)
Merchandise subtotal up to $20...
and with one or two flat products weighing 8 oz. or less (D004, D012, F008 or F040 or 1-2 unpadded straps such as Y215, H152, Y303 etc.).
If you specifially request UPS, then you will be billed a minimum of $13.95.
See below for filled SafariSack shipping rates.
Merchandise subtotal from $20.01 to $50.00
Our choice to ship either USPS or UPS (USPS is most common). If you specifially request UPS, then you will be billed a minimum of $13.95.
See below for filled SafariSack or SkimmerSack shipping rates.
(up to
13 oz.)
(up to
1 lb.)
(up to
4 lbs.)

Orders $50.01 to $150.00
Our choice to ship either USPS or UPS (USPS is most common).

(up to 13 oz.)
$11.95++ $16.95++

Orders $150.01 to $400.00

$14.95** ++


Orders $400.01 to $750.00

$20-35** ++


*Smaller orders ($29 or less typically) which are shipped via USPS 1st Class or USPS Priority Mail are uninsured and although we generally have good luck with this service, please USE AT YOUR OWN RISK as we cannot be liable for lost packages!

**USPS Priority Mail now charges not only by the weight, but also by the size of the box (dimensional weight charge), so large, bulky items like long lens cases and backpacks cost more to ship than smaller items.

++Includes insurance.

UPS guarantees ground delivery to all addresses in the continental U.S. as per the map below within a specified time period or the shipping is free
(waived between Dec. 12 and Dec. 25th or for inclement weather).

UPS Ground Time-in-Transit from Kinesis (zip code 84647) to destinations in the U.S. (business days)
Click on the above map for a larger view or visit this link on the UPS site for more detail.


Filled SafariSack Shipping Rates to Continental US Only

(We will use either UPS Ground or Flat Rate Priority Mail, whichever is more cost effective.)
For R101 Poly fill or R421 poly-filled SafariSacks
or R103 Buckwheat fill or R423 Buckwheat-filled SafariSacks.


Poly-filled SafariSacks shipped in U.S. (or just the fill only)

add $3.50

add $5.50

add $7.50

Buckwheat SafariSacks shipped in the U.S. (or just the fill) add $1.50 add $3.00 add $4.50

Poly-filled SkimmerSacks shipped in the U.S.

 add $7.00

e-mail us

e-mail us


Air Shipping in the Continental USA (via UPS or FedEx)

Please specify an arrival date in the comments section of your online order,
as your order may or may not ship the same day your order was placed.
A signature by the recipient is sometimes required for this service, but can be waived.
As an alternative to UPS or FedEx, you may choose 2-4 day USPS Priority Mail (rates below). The delivery date is not guaranteed, but it is significantly cheaper.


Guaranteed Service Time (business days)
Shipments to the western U.S. (we're in Utah) cost less than those shipments elsewhere in the country.
Product to
be Shipped
3-day 2-day Overnight -- afternoon delivery* (default "next day" service)
Overnight --morning delivery*

One small pouch (F037, F040), wallet (F008, D012 etc.) or an empty SafariSack (up to 8 oz. inside a Fed-X or UPS air envelope)

Not Available $13-20 $17-25
Several small pouches (F037, F040), wallets (F008, D012 etc.) or two empty SafariSacks (1 lb inside a small box or generic pouch) $12-20

One or two pouches, holster case or larger lens pouch (E660 or E870)
(2-3 lbs.)

$14-23 $21-35 $40-55

Typical belt system w/ 3-6 pouches (4-5 lbs.)

$17-24 $23-38 $42-57

R421 or R101 Poly-filled SafariSack (8 lbs.)

$18-27 $24-40 $43-59

Large belt system w/ 5-6 pouches or/and 2 holster cases (5-6 lbs) or 1 C640 case

$23-30 $26-37 $42-58
E970, L311 or L321

L511, L521, P450 Journeyman packs, S360 Bag or P017/P019 Heavy-duty Pack Frames

$35-50 $38-55 $65-85

L622 long lens case



Saturday delivery is available to some addresses for an additional $10-15.

We charge the actual shipping fee, based on the zone and weight of the package. We will not know the exact shipping total until after your order is packaged and weighed, however estimates are listed above. We are located in Utah, so shipments to the east coast cost more than other areas of the country. Long lens cases or pack frames are significantly more, as the “dimensional weight” rule applies — i.e. they charge by the size of the box, not the weight.

Please note that all UPS Ground shipments to California (except the NW corner), Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, most parts of Oregon and Colorado are guaranteed in two days so a 2-day air shipment is unnecessary.

*Afternoon delivery is not available to many rural addresses, in which case the morning rates prevail, but the delivery may be made anytime during the day.


Standard Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or APO/FPO* Addresses

We will compare the costs of UPS and USPS and use the least expensive method. If you have a strong preference, let us know. Our shopping cart cannot separate the costs for Alaska or Hawaii from those in the Continental US, so occasionally we will notify you of the increased fees and try to get your approval before shipping your order.
Costs are approximate.

*APO = Army Post Office FPO = Fleet Post Office (US Military)


Approx. fees. Delivery time is in business days. USPS delivery times are not guaranteed.
Product to
be Shipped
USPS 1st Class Mail
(3-8 days)
USPS Priority Mail
(2-4 days)

Empty SafariSack


Poly-filled SafariSack (R421)

($32 for two)

Typical belt system w/ 3-6 pouches
(4-5 lbs.)


E976 Lens pouch, most long lens cases, P450 Journeyman packs or S360 Bag


L622 long lens case or Heavy-duty Pack Frames