Suggested Systems Introduction

With the Kinesis system, pouches are not permanently attached to the belt, permitting them to be worn at any place on the belt. Components are purchased a la carte for maximum versatility.

Before picking a system, we strongly recommend reviewing our System Introduction page.

Visit the two pages below for illustrated
samples of belt systems:

DSLR Systems

Non-SLR Systems
(including mirrorless, medium & large format, 35mm rangefinder,
small digital, video and point & shoot cameras)

Shown above is the Kinesis C500 case attached to a Lowe Alpine internal frame pack using the Y303 adapter kit. Adding a H152 strap (not shown) will add stability.

Cases for Backpacking, Skiing etc.

If you are looking for a case (and not a belt system) for transporting your gear while hiking, climbing, skiing, canoeing, horseback riding, cycling etc. then read on.
Generally we recommend you attach your case to the front of your shoulder harness using the Y303 adapter. Any case with D-rings will attach using this adapter kit.

• 35mm SLR Cameras: For the smallest SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras we recommend the M330 Twin-Lens Pouch. For slightly more capacity look at the C380 or C382 case. With a full-size body will need the larger C540 case.

• For smaller non-SLR cameras such as Leica and Contax rangefinders, compact digitals and point and shoots, read the suggestions above on this same page. All pouches listed in this section, except the A200, have D-rings for attaching to your backpack via the Y303 adapter.