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Selected Links

Also see My Opinion or Blog Page. An outspoken view on various photography equipment made from other manufacturers which I personally use.
Photography Discussion Groups

Digital Photography News and Reviews* (nicknamed new (2004) site loaded with tons of the latest news releases on digital photography and video products. Their forum is here. Managed by Steve Mitchell.

Digital Photography Review*(nicknamed DP Review)
My favorite Web site covering Megapixel (non-pro) digital cameras. Phil Askey's site. Many side-by-side reviews of various models.

Google Groups
A commercial non-moderated forum (formerly called Includes various forums such as,,,* (5 groups),,,* (5 groups) and* (4 groups).

A recent site (2001) that seems to be gaining a big readership. They have a membership option, but it is not required to visit or post comments on this popular forum. Workshops in N.Y. area are also sponsored by them.*
The most visited (2 million hits daily) photography site on the Web today by MIT grad Philip Greenspun. Forums on general photography, nature photography, medium and large format photography are offered. They also have a chat room, a great free classified section and a bunch of static pages with information. Because it is nearly commercial-free it is very quick to access and doesn't have all the banner ads to bog down your surfing.

Photo District News(PDN)
PDN print magazine has three forums: New Products, General Photography Tech Talk, and Ask Pix, a new digital tech forum. The first two are general forums open to public responses, whereas the Ask Pix forum questions are only answered by their digital editor, Fred Shippey.

Photo News Network(PNN)
A moderated noncommercial site with various forums on technical photography, wedding and photojournalism.

Pro Digital Talk Forum
A site with info on pro-level digital cameras.

A site with a several discussion groups monitored by an expert digital photographers about photojournalism and shooting sports. Plenty of info and talk about high-end SLR digital cameras, technique talk about Photoshop, location lighting and transmitting of files for eventual publication.

Steve's Digicam Site
A great site for digital Megapixel cameras.

* My favorite and regularily visited sites. 

Selected Professionals Using Our Gear
Some of these pros offer workshops, but shooting is their primary activity.

Doug Box
Professional portrait and wedding shooter and past executive president of PPA Texas. He does some great workshops and has an instructional wedding video out now. Publishes The Photographic Success Newsletter, a free marketing, sales and promotion newsletter for studio owners. Sign up free at his web site.

Frank Cricchio
Professional portrait and wedding shooter that does workshops. He is sponsored by Fuji film

Bill Curtsinger
Editorial/photojournalist shooter with over thirty National Geographic articles published. "The Kinesis Belt System allows me to carry almost all the 35mm equipment I need for the kind of field photography I do, saving my shoulders in the process. I don't go anywhere without it." He is also listed on our Photographers page.

Doug Gordon
Professional portrait and wedding shooter located in NY. Sponsored by Albums Inc. He is on the national wedding speaking/workshop circuit.

Robert Hanashiro
Robert Hanashiro's, a notable PJ (photojournalist) who travels the world shooting for USA Today, produces a great e-mail newsletter and site called "Sports Shooter." which covers the woes of the on-the-run sports PJ. It also includes digital and conventional equipment tech talk. Drop him a line to get on his freebie, informative e-mail list.

Charles Krupa
AP photojournalist working in the Boston area.

Len Rue, Jr.
Len shoots outdoor and nature shots and is well published throughout the world. He also runs the L.L. Rue mail order catalog. Currently doing workshops for Van Os.

Customers Using Our Gear
and have posted rants and raves on their Websites about our gear. Also visit this page on our site for photos of photographers using our gear and some their work.

Bob Atkins
Bob is a moderator for the forums and has his own site featuring outdoor/nature shooting and Canon equipment.

Jeffrey Behr
Jeff is a enjoys landscape photography with digital SLRs and has a page posted about our gear on his site.

Dr. Don Cohen
DLC Photography, "A Nature Oriented Digital Photography Website." Kinesis & other equipment reviews on this page.

Grizzly Bear Nature Photography
John Herbst's site. He is a nature shooter and is featured in many Tokina lens ads.

Thomas D. Hill, Jr.
Keiko Natural Images. Tom compares a belt system with a backpack and discusses the advantages of the Kinesis modular system. Posted in 1991.

Dr. Ivan Rothman
Ivan was instrumental in developing the popular Kinesis SafariSack bean bag. A photographer with many photo trips to Africa. Visit this page for his opinion on Kinesis stuff.

Some of photographers listed in the above section
also teach workshops or seminars.

Joe & MaryAnn McDonald
Joe and MaryAnn are some of the best nature shooters today. They lead excellent photo tours to Africa and publish books and videos. They are columnists for the popular Outdoor Photographer print magazine.

Great American Photography Week
A company specializing in 3 to 4-day outdoor/nature workshops. Most of their workshops run Thursday through Sundays to fit the working person's schedule. Bill Fortney and Cliff Zenor are the main leaders. Bill (and his son Wesley) recently authored an interesting book with low-elevation aerial photos across the US entitled America from 500 feet!

Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris
Joseph runs trips all over the world. Leaders include Len Rue, John Shaw etc.

Canon vs. Nikon

The debate that never ends. Which 35mm SLR camera should I purchase?Canon or Nikon? A few links for your reading pleasure. Many favor Canon. Most of these opinions are based on "film" shooters, and don't delve into the digital pros and cons, which is another can of worms. Reviews of various digital models are on the excellent Digital Review site. See Rob Gralbraith's site for lots of digital talk from various photojournalists around the country.

For a brief article on back focus problems with Canon digitals and Unsharp Masking techniques with Canon SLRs visit this link on our site.

Camera Hobby - Nikon vs. Canon
An exhaustive essay from Edwin Leong from Canada. A few comments from others are posted too. June 1999 article.

Canon vs. Nikon
A comparison chart with text by Philip Greenspun, MIT nerd and originator of (He is a Canon shooter.) Many reader comments and opinions too. Also read his "Canon only" page with links to other links.

Nikon vs. Canon
An evaluation written in 1999 by Edwin Leong, posted on his site. He is an amateur Nikon shooter.

Many charts and interactive information about lenses, bodies etc. -- almost too much to absorb in one sitting. Difficult to draw a quick comparison.

Canon Camera Museum
If you want to compare the specs of the various models including discontinued models all the way back to the start of the company visit this site.

Nikon Vs. Canon
An archived Google forum thread, starting in 1996 and was still active in late 2001. Over 200 replies in this one thread!

Switching to Canon from Nikon
A question posted on nature forum. Many responses (2/03).

Trade Associations & Clubs

For trade shows which we affiliate (some of which are sponsored by the associations listed below) visit this link.

American Society of Media Photographers(ASMP)
The organization for professional commercial, editorial and fashion still shooters. Many local chapters.

American Film Institute(AFI)
The organization for motion picture (or "film") and cine professionals.

National Press Photographers Association(NPPA)
Newspaper & TV video photographers.

North American Nature Photography Association(NANPA)
A relatively new organization that is growing rapidly.

New England Camera Club Council, Inc.(NECCC)
A compilation of numerous local clubs (approx. 70) in the NE. They have the largest camera club (i.e. amateur) gathering in the country held each July in Amherst, MA. About 1300 attend.

Photographic Society of America(PSA)
"An organization of individuals, member clubs and councils, and regional Chapters, the Society offers superior contacts with others having similar photographic interests for exchange of information and ideas."

Professional Photographers of America(PPA)
Mostly portrait and wedding photogs. A few fashion & commercial shooters too. Many regional branches which have their own sites.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International(WPPI)
They also for the printed Rangefinder magazine which they publish.

White House News Photographers Association(WHNPA)
Need I same more!

For additional listings of camera clubs & associations (not separated by type) see the site. 

Links to Links

Ace Indexes
A commercial site with more than 2,000 camera stores, used camera dealers, mail order dealers, equipment manufacturers, labs etc. This site features classy old B&W photo intro pages. One of the most extensive photography links sites I have visited.

Airlines of the USA
Part of the Kinesis Airline Baggage survey. Links to all the US Airlines.

Camera case & bag manufacturers
A page on our site. Links to most US companies that make camera bags, cases or belt systems.

Mandy's International Film and Television Production Directory
Web-database of film and television producers, technicians and facilities. Extensive site featuring services, jobs and tons of links with a searchable database.

Commercial site with reportedly over 5,000 links on equipment manufacturers & suppliers, photo software, online retailers, publications, labs, photo contests, rental studios, listing of individual photographers etc.


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