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Long Lens Case Introduction

Long Lens Case Introduction

The Kinesis L-Series cases are for super telephoto DSLR lenses 300/2.8 and larger. This is the largest variety of long lens cases of any manufacturer. These cases fit lenses such as 200/2, 200-400/4, 300/2.8, 500/4 & 600/4 with a body attached. For cases without a body attached, see our E-Series pouches. We offer two types of long lens cases:
1. PolyCore" Series (L321, L522 & L622) This was our original long lens case design and is the toughest and stiffest of any shoulder bag on the market. The diameter of these cases are the same on all models, with the only difference being the height. They have a larger diameter than our Compact series and are also heavier.
2. Compact Series (L311, L511 & L611) This series was designed for those looking for a more compact, lightweight and cost effective alternative the PolyCore cases. The diameter of these cases are the same on all models, with the only difference being the height. They have a smaller diameter than our PolyCore series and lighter in weight. The protection offered by this series is equivalent to most other brands of long lens cases.

Features Found on All Long Lens Cases

• Carry with sewn-in hand strap & over one shoulder with removable Y515 shoulder strap (Y515 included).

• Converts to backpack with the addition of optional H130 strap and H245 or H255 harness.

• Piggy-back other lens pouches to the outside

• Although not specifically designed to be checked in the belly of the plane, some customers use our PolyCore!" cases for this purpose.

General Sizing Guidelines
We have probably the largest selection of cases for super tele lenses available anywhere. Because of this, it can be confusing to pick a case, but in the end it allows a more custom fit for your gear. Selecting the correct long lens case depends on whether or not you intend to carry the lens with a body attached or carry the body separately. All of our cases are designed to fit the lens with the hood attached (& usually reversed) with the leatherette cap and tripod foot in place. We only attempt to track the sizes of the two mainstream brands...Canon and Nikon. Sometimes specifications are posted for after-market brands, but that is only when we receive reports from customers. Manufacturers do NOT publish the specifications (lengths) for lens hoods mounted in the shooting position, so if you want that configuration, please make your own measurements and compare to the I.D. specs on our site. As a general rule, follow these guidelines:

E660 For 300/2.8s & 200/2s without a body attached
For 200/1.8s without a body attached
For 500/4s or 200-400s without a body attached
For 300/2.8s with a body attached & the hood in the reversed position
L511 For 500/4s or 200-400s with a body attached & the hood in the reversed position
L321 For 400/2.8s without a body attached& the hood in the reversed position. Offers more protection than the L311.
L522 For 600/4s with a body attached & the hood in the reversed position for for 600/4s & most 800/5.6 with hood reversed but no body attached. This also MAY fit some 500s with the hood extended w/o a body attached.
L611 For 500/4s or 200-400s with a pro-sized body attached (with quick-release plate attached) with hood in the shooting position (with leatherette lens cover or “sock” on with certain models only). Some older 500s are too tall and don’t fit.
L622 For a 600/4 without a body attached, but with the hood extended...OR 500/4 with a body attached and the hood extended. Also for Sigma 300-800 with body attached and hood reversed. It is too large as an airline carry-on bag.

To double-check your lens specs, measure from the end of the lens (with the leatherette hood over the end) to the back of the camera body. Check this against the I.D. (inside dimension) height  of the case. There is about 1cm (3/8") of fudge factor in the lid of the L321, L522 or L622 cases.

Converting a Long Lens Case into a Backpack
Any L-series case can be converted to a backpack by attaching an optional backpack harness (H245 or the larger, multi-size H255 harness & a H130 strap) directly to the case. A waist belt is not required but adds stability, especially for hiking (as opposed to running in and out of airports). The E976 lens pouch can also be upgraded in a similar fashion.
If you want to carry a big tripod (especially with a Wimberly attached), consider using the P019 Heavy-duty Pack Frame instead. This allows you to attach a tripod next to the long lens case, instead of on the rear of the case (which tends to pull away from you as the weight gets too far “out there,”) providing a more stable load. The P019 suspension is more adjustable and comfortable than attaching a harness directly to the long lens case...but beware this is large frame and may be unwieldy for shorter-than-average shooters.
Directions on how to attach a harness or belt to a long lens case or backpack are linked to our “How To” page.

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Long Lens Case Features

E-Series Pouches for smaller lenses

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