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400mm/600mm Lens Case FAQ

Q: Which case is best for my 400/2.8 lens?
A: If you plan to carry the lens without a body, then the L321 is our first recommendation.
If you want to carry the lens with a body attached, then we recommend the L522.
Some newer 400s with a body may just fit inside the L321 which is 41cm (16") tall I.D. -- measure your rig from the end of the lens cap to the back of the body and compare against the inside dimensions on our site. There is about 10mm (3/8") of fudge factor with the Velcro floating lids.

Q: Which case is best for my 600/4 lens with a body attached and the hood reversed?
A: Choose the L522. Double check your own camera/body combination however, some 600s may just barely fit inside the L522 without the slightly deeper L127 lid. Measure your rig from the end of the lens cap to the back of the body. It will definitely fit if the measurement is 55cm (21-5/8") or less. The Velcro/buckles on the standard flat lid do have some give up to about a half an inch.

Q: How do I turn my long lens case into a backpack?
A: Add a H245 or the larger H250 padded harness along with a H130 strap. The whole rig can be worn without a waist belt, but we recommend one as it provides additional stability. Some customers have complained that the bottom edge of the case digs into their back when a belt is not used, so we typically recommend one when a harness is attached. As a rule, the standard-weight Kinesis Black Belt (B108, B109 etc.) is adequate when attached to long lens case. The heavy-duty belts (B307, B308 etc.) are primarily designed for use with the Heavy-duty Pack Frames or when carrying a heavy "waist belt only" load around your waist.

Q: Will 400/2.8s or 600/s lenses fit inside your 1-series cases (L311 or L511)?
A: No, the diameter of these cases are too small for the front element. One customer reported (2005) that the following combination will fit inside the L511 case: Nikon 600/4 AF-S with the larger diameter hood piece removed and with a Moose Peterson lens cap & Kirk low-profile tripod foot.

Q: What if I'm shooting with a Nikon 600mm?
A: A 2-series cases (L521, L526 or L622) will not will not hold Nikon 600/4 AF-S or AF-S II lens unless a Wimberely adapter plate is used (#AP-652 or #AP-452, $79.00) in place of the OEM "very tall mounting foot" supplied by Nikon..

Long Lens Nomenclature (L311, L522 etc.)

  • L = Long lens case or a case for a long lens with a body attached (as opposed to E-series pouches which are for lenses w/o a body attached).
  • The second character (3, 5 or 6, e.g. L522) represent the relative height of the case. The 3 is for 300s, the 5 for 500s and the 6 for 600mm lenses.
  • The third character represents the diameter of the case. L311 or L511 cases are our smaller "1 series" long lens cases. L321, L522 or L622 are our larger or "2 series" long lens cases.
  • The last character represents the version number of that case.

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