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“How To” Page

This page is primarily for those with post-purchase product questions.
Click on the photo to access a separate instruction page or click on the PDF "Instruction Sheet" link to download a printable instruction page.

Also visit our FAQ page.

Attaching a Pouch to a Belt (or piggy-backing a smaller pouch to a larger case)
Or how to attach a pouch to a larger Kinesis case.

Slider/Webbing Adjustment — for shoulder straps & waist belts
The slider (also called a Tri-glides, Sliploks, 3-bar slider or butterfly buckle) is a simple buckle that provides a wide and secure adjustment of webbing on shoulder straps & other straps.

Miscellaneous Buckles
Camlock, SlikClip & Spring Snaphook buckles.

Harness Instructions (8-1/2x11" PDF files, about 2 Mb in size)

H245/H250/H255 Backpack Harness & Belt Instruction Sheet (how to attach a backpack harness & belt to a long lens case, pack frame, backpack or tripod bag).

H344 Suspender Instructions (how to configure a H245/H250/H344 as a pair of suspenders for use with a waist belt)

H717 X-Harness Instruction Sheet

H150 Pouch to Harness Instructions (attaches to H245, H250, H344 or H717 harnesses)

H152 Camera Stabilizer Torso Strap Hang Tag Instructions

H153 Harness Instructions (how to add the funky H153 kit to a H245/H250/H160 harness for use in carrying a case on your chest — see lower right corner of this sheet)

P017 & P019 Heavy-duty Pack Frame Instruction Sheet

> Visiting the "Slider/Webbing Adjustment" link above may also help your understanding of how to attach a harness to a long lens case.
> Review enlarged photos of the following product pages
- H245/H250 Harnesses
- H130 Adapter
- Long Lens Case intro page

(download Adobe Acrobat)


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