Originally designed for photographers shooting in Africa, the SafariSack™ bean bag is also used domestically, both on location and in the studio or sound stage. They can be purchased empty or filled with various material. They are doubled stitched for extra strength.

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  1. Polybeads on the left, Buckwheat Hulls on the right

    Fill for SafariSack™

    From: $5.00

    To: $24.50

    Buckwheat Hulls or Polybead fill for SafariSack™ 4.2 and 1.4 Learn More
  2. R106 — Seattle Sports AquaSto Water Carrier / Blue (5 L)
    5 liter heavy-duty water bladder for use in SafariSack 2.0. Learn More
  3. SafariSack slung over a light stand as a ballast.

    R425 — SafariSack 2.0™

    As low as: $13.00

    Empty ballast or weight bag. This is NOT a camera support. Fill with sand or water. Learn More
  4. Khaki model has a colored top and black bottom.

    SafariSack™ 1.4

    As low as: $19.55

    New Smaller Version
    Available in two color choices. Fill with Poly beads, buckwheat hulls, rice, beans etc. A bladder or liner is NOT required.

    Learn More
  5. Saddlebag Style — note the gusset on the side.

    SafariSack™ 4.2

    As low as: $33.00

    This rugged bean bag is for supporting a DSLR, mirrorless or video camera on a vehicle, car window, chair, table, tree limb, fence post or on the ground. It is quicker to use than a tripod. The bag has a zippered compartment—filler, such as polyethylene beads, buckwheat hulls, rice, beans etc. can added without the need for a liner. Learn More
  6. Y208 — Quick-release Extender Strap
    Extends the length of a SafariSack strap, converting it to a shoulder strap. Also fits on other Kinesis products. Learn More
  7. Y215

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