These packs and pack frames are NOT designed to replace the large and heavy divider system packs (such as the Lowepro Trekker, Tamrac Extreme Photo Backpack etc.). Currently we do not offer a "carry the kitchen sink" packs similar to these. Our approach is to provide hybrid "half and half" packs  some space for photo equipment and some space for personal gear. In particular, you will find our heavy-duty pack frames very comfortable for taller-than-average people, compared to most photo packs.

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  1. Harness side (back pad is now one long piece and much more functional and elegant)

    P017 — Narrow Heavy-duty Pack Frame

    As low as: $79.00

    Journeyman Modular Pack attaches to this frame for expanding your carrying capacity. Learn More
  2. P019 with L521 + waist belt

    P019 — Heavy-duty Pack Frame

    As low as: $93.00

    Optional accessory for carrying a heavy tripod and a long lens case in the field. Learn More
  3. Journeyman™ Pack with harness and waistbelt.

    P450 — Journeyman™ Modular Pack

    As low as: $133.00

    Our only complete photo backpack. Available with differing harnesses and waist belts for a custom fit. Learn More

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