Accessory Pouches

Pouches for water bottles, shoe-mount flash units, camera bodies, tele-converters, video tape, radio transmitters (Pocket Wizard) etc. Also see our F-Series pouches for GPS units, PDAs & cell phones.

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  1. Holds most shoe-mount flash units
    Zippered pouch with minimal padding for shoe-mount flash units, small mirrorless cameras or light meters. Learn More
  2. F021, F022, F023

    Kinesis Battery Organizers

    As low as: $6.00

    Battery organizer keep your new and used batteries separated. Learn More
  3. A131c with Nalgene Bottle

    A131 — Water Bottle Pouch

    As low as: $18.00

    Insulated pouch for 1-liter water bottles. The pouch also fits smaller disposable bottles too. It can also be used as a battery holder. Learn More
  4. A200 Medium Accessory Pouch Pouch
    All purpose, lightly padded pouch for smaller DSLR bodies, cell phones, PDAs, radio slaves, teleconverters, filters, mirrorless cameras, point-n-shoot cameras etc. Learn More
  5. A257 — Body Pouch

    A257 — Body Pouch


    Holds any sized DSLR body without lens attached. Learn More
  6. Hand grab loop can be tucked behind and out of the way

    A355 — Junk Drawer Pouch


    Unpadded pouch for stowing non-fragile items on your Kinesis belt or Kinesis Journeyman™ pack. Learn More
  7. Front View

    A634 — Reporter’s Waist Pack

    As low as: $3.00

    An unpadded multi-purpose pouch with numerous pockets and slots for cell phone, sunglasses, business cards, iPad Mini, coins, video tapes, check book, passport, airline ticket etc. Add the optional padding kit for carrying optical gear. Learn More
  8. V020, V025 & V033
    Additional small dividers for various bags like the A200, A355, M330, M550, V090, V092 or S360. Learn More

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