Harnesses, Camera straps & Suspenders
To convert a long lens case into a backpack, choose either H245 Small/Medium or H255 Multi-size Harness.
To carry or stabilize a camera on your chest, choose either the H717 or H152.
If you want suspenders to hold up your belt, choose the H344.
For more detailed information, see the link to Harness Recommendation Chart below.

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Harness Recommendation Chart (which harness for what purpose?)
Harness Sizing Chart

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  1. H130 — Long Lens Case to Harness Adapter Strap ($8 without Harness or Long Lens case purchase)
  2. H152 shown with camera.
    Reduce the bouncing of a camera against your chest! Stabilizes a DSLR camera or holster case while worn around your neck. Learn More
  3. H157 – Camera Stabilizing Belt Strap
    Stabilizes a DSLR while worn around your neck or while attached to a harness. Learn More
  4. H245 & H250

    H255 — Padded Backpack Harness

    As low as: $43.00

    Converts a tripod bag or long lens case into a backpack. Learn More
  5. Y-Harness with waist belt (belt not included)

    H344 — Y-Harness (suspenders)

    As low as: $33.00

    Suspenders for holding up a belt or for redistributing the belt weight on your body. Can also be used to convert a tripod bag into a backpack. Only works with a Kinesis waist belt. Learn More
  6. H675 PJ Camera Strap

    H675 — PJ Camera Strap


    A minimalist camera neck strap with quick-release buckles that integrate with the rest of the Kinesis system. Learn More
  7. H717-K: Attaching a DSLR to the front of the X-Harness includes a H435 adapter.

    H717 — X-Harness

    As low as: $83.00

    Relieve the pressure on your neck and shoulders with the revolutionary design of the Kinesis X-Harness. Learn More
  8. Ortlieb Chest Harness

    Ortlieb Chest Harness


    A lightweight alternative to the X-Harness. Learn More

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