Neck Straps & DSLR Harnesses

Devices for supporting a camera on your chest on on a shoulder.

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  1. H152 shown with camera.
    Reduce the bouncing of a camera against your chest! Stabilizes a DSLR camera or holster case while worn around your neck. Learn More
  2. H157 – Camera Stabilizing Belt Strap
    Stabilizes a DSLR while worn around your neck or while attached to a harness. Learn More
  3. 3-Point Suspender Adapter for H717
    Enables your H717 X-Harness to do double-duty as a pair of suspenders. Learn More
  4. Y-Harness with waist belt (belt not included)

    H344 — Y-Harness (suspenders)

    As low as: $33.00

    Suspenders for holding up a belt or for redistributing the belt weight on your body. Can also be used to convert a tripod bag into a backpack. Only works with a Kinesis waist belt. Learn More
  5. H675 PJ Camera Strap

    H675 — PJ Camera Strap


    A minimalist camera neck strap with quick-release buckles that integrate with the rest of the Kinesis system. Learn More
  6. H717-K: Attaching a DSLR to the front of the X-Harness includes a H435 adapter.

    H717 — X-Harness

    As low as: $83.00

    Relieve the pressure on your neck and shoulders with the revolutionary design of the Kinesis X-Harness. Learn More
  7. Ortlieb Chest Harness

    Ortlieb Chest Harness


    A lightweight alternative to the X-Harness. Learn More
  8. Old style pouch attached to a Kinesis belt. Current model uses KATS (velcro tabs instead of metal buckles)

    T168 — Monopod Holster Pouch


    Shoot with a monopod attached to your waist belt for action sports. Learn More

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