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  1. Large Outdoor Designs Rucksack Cover

    Backpack Rain Covers

    As low as: $17.95

    Rain & dust covers protect your backpack or long lens case with a harness. Learn More
  2. D004 — 4-Card Media Wallet / Red
    Storage wallet for up to four CompactFlash™ (CF) cards. Learn More
  3. Polybeads on the left, Buckwheat Hulls on the right

    Fill for SafariSack™

    From: $5.00

    To: $24.50

    Buckwheat Hulls or Polybead fill for SafariSack™ 4.2 and 1.4 Learn More
  4. N430 – Small System Rain Cover
    Rain & dust cover for 1 or 2 pouches while worn on a belt. Learn More
  5. Khaki model has a colored top and black bottom.

    SafariSack™ 1.4

    As low as: $19.55

    New Smaller Version
    Available in two color choices. Fill with Poly beads, buckwheat hulls, rice, beans etc. A bladder or liner is NOT required.

    Learn More
  6. Saddlebag Style — note the gusset on the side.

    SafariSack™ 4.2

    As low as: $33.00

    This rugged bean bag is for supporting a DSLR, mirrorless or video camera on a vehicle, car window, chair, table, tree limb, fence post or on the ground. It is quicker to use than a tripod. The bag has a zippered compartment—filler, such as polyethylene beads, buckwheat hulls, rice, beans etc. can added without the need for a liner. Learn More
  7. T515 — Heavy-duty Tripod Carrying Strap
    Tripod carrying strap for those with “killer heavy” tripods. Learn More
  8. V020, V025 & V033
    Additional small dividers for various bags like the A200, A355, M330, M550, V090, V092 or S360. Learn More
  9. V056, V057, V058
    Extra dividers for V092 backpack module or S360 shoulder bag. Learn More
  10. V100 or V102

    V100 — CameraCushion™


    Extra padded divider for pro-sized holster cases. Learn More
  11. V100 or V102

    V102 — Thin CameraCushion™


    Extra divider for C380 or C382. Learn More
  12. Waterproof Stuffsacks

    Waterproof Stuffsacks

    As low as: $17.05

    Nylon “waterproof stuff sacks” for protecting cameras and other gear from rain, mud and dust. More compact & lightweight than traditional “river runner” vinyl dry bags. Learn More
  13. Y204 on top & Y205 on the bottom.

    Y204/Y205 Quick-Release Strap


    All-purpose webbing accessory strap for attaching items directly to a Kinesis belt, long lens case or pack. Learn More
  14. Y215
  15. Y301 — Short Tie-Down Strap (pair)
    All purpose tie down strap. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 18 total

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