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In 1995, I (Richard Stum) was working as a self-employed commercial photographer in Denver. I purchased a heavy, powerful secondhand 200 watt-second Lumedyne flash system. I made this purchase to shoot on-camera flash jobs with both my medium format Hassleblad and 35mm Canon cameras (and to aid in shooting interiors). However, the flash came with a goofy, bright red and white shoulder strap with no provision to wear it on my waist. Using the shoulder strap was hopeless. Every time I leaned over or turned quickly it swung about, smacking whatever was in its path.

In the 70's, I had worked a summer or two as a framing carpenter. ALL the crew wore utility belts with various pouches attached to them. Today carpenters and others working in the construction trades (concrete, framer, dry wall, finish carpenter etc.) rely on a belt system. The United States military also had its ALICE modular belt and harness system, however, in 1995, there were no modular belt systems for photographers.

Based on this need, I sewed a crude unpadded waist belt from Cordura® nylon and a pouch for my Lumedyne power pack. I added a few additional pouches for film, a lens and a Hassy film magazine. Sewing has been a hobby of mine for years. I had previously designed and made my own backpacks using my Viking home machine. Being a 6'-4" avid mountaineer, many of the internal-frame mountaineering packs available in the 80's were one-size-fits-all and not suitable for my tall torso

Although I had never done any commercial sewing, I perceived a need and a market for a modular belt system for photographers. I purchased a commercial sewing machine and began designing and fabricating a belt “system” (not just a single pouch sewn to a belt as everyone else offered). In the spring of 1996, I introduced my first products.

The word kinesis is from the Greek and means motion. Our product line is designed for people in motion and on the move — outdoor, wedding, editorial and sports photographers, photojournalists and cameramen on the run and on location.

The company has continued to grow and in the autumn of 2000, forced by a need for more business space, we moved the business to a rural area in Utah, fulfilling a dream to move out of the crowded urban craziness, the hassle of a daily commute and the poor air of the city.

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Richard Stum